Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What action happens first?

Scene 1
Its Sunday, early morning.  La-Ron's outside his doing push-ups and Tya, his neighbor is pulling a piece of furniture out the house to put at the curb.  La-Ron see's her struggling.  He finishes his last push-up, walks over to her, and asks does she need help.  Tya declines and continues to push and pull the piece of furniture.  La-Ron walks over to the furniture to help.  Tya stops.
No, thanks.  I told you, I can manage.
La-Ron ignores her.
Why do women always have to do things by themselves?
No. Why should we have to wait for a men to get things done?
La-Ron laughs.
Ha, ha.  Your right.  But, I am standing right here, right now.  Wow! You should accept my offer and let me help.
Okay.  Take the other side.
La-Ron grabs the edge of the piece of furniture.
Ready? Pull!
Together they move the piece of furniture to the curb.

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