Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An event of the story: Tya walks on her way home from a store,  she runs into La-Ron.  He offers to carry her bags. He asks does she have time to hang out.  She says, yes.  At the house, he walks inside behind her, he uses his foot to close the door. The door slams.  Tya stops and drops her bags on the ground, she turns to him, she walks to him.  He holds two bags.  Tya pulls his pants close to her, unbuckles his belt, unzip his pants, gets on her knees,  pulls his penis out, puts it in her mouth and begins to suck, it.  La-Ron, drops the bags, and leans up against the door. La-Ron aroused, tells her to get up and bends her over on the couch, from behind he penetrates his penis inside her.

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